Cyber Awareness Course

Course Description:

This four-hour workshop instructs students about basic security issues concerning the use of computers. They will gain valuable information on computer literacy for everyday use, and information on how to protect sensitive information through access control, social responsibility, configuration changes, enforcement of organizations security policies, and maintaining situational awareness. Areas discussed are:

Cyber 101

  • Cyber History
  • Definition of key cyber security awareness terms
  • Practical examples of security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Legal Aspects

Physical Security

  • Access Badges
  • Guards and Doors
  • Physical design 

Computer Security

  • Acceptable use
  • Access Control and Privileges
  • Passwords
  • Data Protection and Destruction
  • Who owns the data
  • Software updates
  • Logging out of a computer system

Email Safety

  • Encryption
  • Sensitive Transmission of Data
  • Sharing Accounts
  • Attachments
  • Worm and Viruses
  • Phishing and Pharming
  • Spamming
  • Adware
  • Hacking

Mobile Security

  • Smart Phones
  • Hacking
  • APPS
  • Safeguarding

Internet Safety

  • Internet 101
  • Surfung Safely
  • Identity theft
  • Social Media and Social Engineering

Individual Responsibility and Privacy

  • Personnel Security
  • Legal issues
  • Privacy
  • Organization Security and Policies
  • What are your thoughts?


Cancellation Policy:  All cancellation or rescheduling requests received in writing or email to within four calendar days will receive full refund for cost of course. Any cancellation received less than four calendar days will incur a $250 fee. 

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